McCarthy says Trump ‘bears responsibility’ for Capitol riot

McCarthy instead argued for Trump to be censured for his actions in the lead-up to and in the aftermath of the riot led by a pro-Trump mob. Democrats have dismissed such a move as insufficient given the gravity of the insurrection. McCarthy said that the outgoing president needs to “accept his share of responsibility, quell […]


National Guardsmen protecting Capitol now armed with lethal weapons

The Guardsmen deployed to the Capitol will also carry a protective helmet, gas masks and Kevlar body armor, she said. She stressed that Guard members are trained to “try everything to de-escalate a situation before having to draw their weapon and use it” as part of civil disturbance response. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy approved the […]


The Cheney-McCarthy rift busts open

McCarthy, who believes impeachment is bad for the country and will create further division, has taken a behind-the-scenes approach to the Capitol attack, privately talking with GOP members and the president. Cheney, meanwhile, has taken a different path, delivering a public and forthright response to the Capitol riots, which could be a defining moment in […]