The secretive consulting firm that’s become Biden’s Cabinet in waiting

The firm, which now looks like a government-in-waiting for the next administration, was founded in 2017 by Tony Blinken, President-elect Joe Biden’s choice for secretary of State, and Michèle Flournoy, a top contender for secretary of Defense. And one of its former principals, Avril Haines, is Biden’s pick for director of national intelligence. But little […]


Biden’s choice for secretary of Defense still in flux

Two former Obama White House officials who remain close to Biden said he never developed the kind of strong personal relationship with Flournoy that he has sought in his Cabinet picks, and once the dust settled after the election, Biden began leaning toward exploring other options. Another top contender is Jeh Johnson, Obama’s second secretary […]


Dianne Feinstein to step down as top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary panel

Feinstein added that she planned to focus her attention on combating climate change and the coronavirus pandemic. Members of her own party had expressed concern before Barrett’s hearing that the 87-year-old wouldn’t be aggressive enough. Her approach to the battle over filling the seat left by the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg soon confirmed many Democrats’ […]