Susan Collins reaches peak influence after Senate stunner

But that doesn’t mean she should be viewed as an automatic “yes” vote. And each pick is going to need to be carefully modulated with Collins and the few like-minded Senate Republicans in mind. Biden “and I have a long-standing relationship that goes back many years and we worked on issues together in the Senate […]


Congress deadlocked on stimulus as lame duck begins

The GOP leader said that he still believes a bill of about $500 billion is the way to go, even though Senate Democrats have repeatedly rejected his proposal. He said the improving economy only makes it clearer the Senate should do something “highly targeted at what the residual problems are.” “I gather [Pelosi] and the […]


Biden team reaching out to former Mattis officials for help with transition

The team is also seeking the former officials’ help because they don’t expect current Pentagon leadership to be cooperative or particularly knowledgeable, the former official said. Since early this year, the White House has been purging Pentagon officials who were deemed insufficiently loyal to the White House and installed those who can be trusted to […]