Sexts and coronavirus: Must-win Senate race upended down the stretch

In a statement on Saturday morning, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee indicated it was sticking with Cunningham. “North Carolinians are supporting Cal because he will protect health care coverage for pre-existing conditions, fight to bring down the costs of prescription drugs, and help our country recover from this crisis. We are confident that he will […]


Trump team on watch for adversaries seeking to exploit the president’s illness

But Defense Department officials acknowledged separately that they will be on the lookout for opportunistic activities by adversaries, either on the ground, in cyberspace or in the form of information warfare. “There is always the possibility that adversaries will seek to exploit the information space and talk propaganda,” said one defense official. “We are definitely […]


Pelosi-Mnuchin talks intensify as mass airline layoffs arrive

Meanwhile, the U.S. airline industry is at a crisis point, with thousands of furloughs and layoffs going into effect Thursday after Congress failed to renew a pandemic aid program for aviation workers. Airlines had agreed to reverse those job cuts if Pelosi and Mnuchin could reach a deal in the next few days. “Today, I […]