Lamborghini releases machine at 800 watts – not horsepower

This sound system must surely be the perfect Christmas gift for the Lamborghini enthusiast.

Christmas Anxiety? Do you have a friend who wants to have a Lamborghini but do not have enough finances to reach all the way? Or already have a car and want to be reminded of it in the home? Then this sound system Esavox from Ixoost be the solution.

The shell is made of wood and carbon fiber and there for seven speakers for a total of 800 watts. From the muffled “exhaust pipes” will bass sound that has its own volume control. The shape breathes the same design as the Lamborghini cars and switch on the sound system that prevails in the start button in the cars.

Esavox measuring 125 centimeters in width, 50 height and 65 depth. It’s a nasty piece that weighs 53 kg. You can plug your sound source with Bluetooth or via the AUX input.

Grotesque or handsome, the taste is different but this is an official product from Lamborghini which has taken two years to develop and is available in black, orange, yellow and red. With a price tag of 195 000 teaches the dream of Lamborghini remain just a dream for most people.

Happens to be your friend on the inside at Porsche, you cheaper away. Their 911 Soundbar, as we have previously written about , is more discreet in both the execution and the price of 28 500 kronor.

Ixoost Esavox

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