Finally! The Trump Team just got a NEW Member! That SMILE gives it away. Is Sheriff Clarke actually smiling? WOW!

When Sheriff Clarke came out on Sean Hannity’s show back in February, Sean asked him if he was officially joining the Trump team. All Sheriff David A. Clarke could do was smile like a Cheshire Cat and say he was not allowed to discuss it and “wait and see.” (VIDEO BELOW)

screenshot FOX News

On February 21, 2017, reported that we were sure he was joining the Trump Team. (ARTICLE HERE) Sheriff Clarke is the ultimate bad ass law enforcement officer in this country! He doesn’t go around smiling on TV, let alone act like a giddy little school girl. No, something big was in the works! We were right. 🙂 (VIDEO BELOW)

Sheriff Clarke was passed over as the head of the Department of Homeland Security when President Trump picked retired Marine Gen. John F. Kelly to lead the agency, but according to Milwaukee Journal who reported on Friday, the Trump administration is ready to offer Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. a job with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security! (VIDEO BELOW)

screenshot FOX News

“Clark is to be appointed as assistant secretary at the department’s Office of Partnership and Engagement where he would coordinate outreach to state and local law enforcement agencies, Politico, an online news company, reported Friday. The position of assistant secretary does not require Senate confirmation.

On Friday, sources confirmed that news of the possible appointment is coming out now, because Trump officials recently completed their background check of the sheriff. Trump staffers are a few steps away from making the appointment. One source said it could take more than a month to finish the process.” (VIDEO BELOW)



I was fortunate enough to see Sheriff Clarke speak at the National NRA-ILA meeting in Atlanta on Friday. The Sheriff followed President Trump’s inspirational speech. He did not mention his possible appointment. He also spoke about terrorists and said “You see, our fight for freedom continues in earnest…..these rat bastards on the left never give up.” (VIDEO BELOW)

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