About the defies driving ban – says that the cars not drive them selves

The authorities have called for a stop of about the test of self-driving cars because they are not licensed. Now answer the taxi company to say that the cars are not self-propelled.


Last Thursday, the Californian authorities demanded a stop to about the and Volvo’s pilot test of self-driving cars in San Francisco because they lack the necessary permits, shortly after reports that several of the cars running red lights. But Anthony Levandowski, head of about the unit Advanced Technologies, says that they do not need any permission, nor will seek it.

– We are respectfully disagree with the DMV’s legal interpretation of the rules on autonomous cars, especially the Uber need permission to test their self-driving cars in San Francisco, he writes in a press release.

Übers autonomous Volvo Cars during the test period, always have a person behind the wheel. Anthony Levandowski claim that the car which can not be described as self-driving, because they will aid the person behind the wheel can always step in and take over the driving.

He also says he understands that übers services will is regulated, and that Uber has always been progressive, sensible regulations for both carpooling and self-driving technology.

Uber and Volvo earlier this year tested their autonomous cars in Pittsburgh, and Volvo will launch a similar project in Gothenburg next year. Other companies are also working hard with autonomous cars. Tesla plans to one of their cars to drive from Los Angeles to New York next year, without any human intervention. This also applies to the charge.

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